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Dr. Dieter Söll

Sterling Professor of Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry

Yale University

Member of National Academy of Sciences


Research in the Söll laboratory explores the genetic code translation in a wide range of living species. Through genetics, biochemistry, structural analysis, and molecular biology, we are studying bacterial, archaeal and eukaryotic systems to uncover new strategies of genetic code expression. We extensively use this knowledge to develop new tools for synthetic biology and extend the chemistry of living systems by enabling robust and efficient genetic encoding of unnatural amino acids and amino acid-like molecules in a test tube or in a living cell.

Dr. Paul Schimmel

Ernest and Jean Hahn Professor

Department of Molecular Medicine

The Scripps Research Institute

Member of National Academy of Sciences


The Schimmel lab is interested in the aminoacyl-tRNA synthetases and the genetic code. The present work focuses on the discovery of the large new biology that flows out of the tRNA synthetases. These enzymes are now known to be secreted, to have nuclear functions, and to pervade most or all parts of human biology with activities that are distinct from their catalytic function of charging tRNA. The laboratory uses methods and logic of molecular and cell biology, chemistry, and structural analysis to more deeply investigate these novel functions that have a fundamental role in maintaining organismal homeostasis, and in developing and regulating nervous, vascular, and immunological systems. The research is leading to the development of a broad new class of therapeutics to treat and cure human diseases.

Ph.D. Shigeyuki Yokoyama

Head of Yokoyama Laboratory


We aim at contribution to our industrial partners' developments of superior drugs (chemical compounds, antibodies, etc.) against drug targets (human membrane proteins, etc.) by fully taking advantage of our own technologies developed for production and structure determination of challenging human membrane proteins and for application of unnatural amino acids to biologics. We will establish next-generation drug discovery technologies by fulfilling the needs elicited through implementation of our technologies into drug development endeavor at pharmaceutical partners. We will coevolve basic and applied researches, by applying the developed chemicals and antibodies to basic researches at RIKEN toward discovery of novel drug targets.

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